Note: First of all, Im not forcing you to love her, and all brief summary of how kind her heart is and how her past life was so tough.She is getting alot of hate mostly, and it iritates me how such a kind person still gets this.  this is not fan-fiction, even google this, it is true, some are from news in the Philippines and her interviews on magazines, and some are just facts that others dont much know how kind this woman is. 

  • On the loss of her career in the Philippines, her dad stole their family’s money and left for another woman and abandoned them. he was also sent to jail also for failure to pay 390,000 pesos, so she paid for his debts even though how much burden their father did to her family, she cried and cried on an interview about this
  • When she was young, her family didnt have any money for her to enter an international school, she went to a chinese school( specifically philippine pasay chung hua academy), she did’ntknow how to speak english, filipino nor chinese so she didnt talk at all,  (but right now she fluently speaks all three of them) causing her to not have alot of friends and be often bullied.this is probably the main reason why she’s still so shy today
  • When dara’s dad left him she became the ultimate breadwinner of the family and paid for thunder and her sister’s education, from food to shelter
  • she was too desperate to have money to feed her family that she agreed to do a sexy photoshoot that still haunts her today, she thought that it will bring back her fame in the phil but it sadly didnt 


have you ever seen this?

  • When dara’s ex boyfriend( they were together for 3 years but broke up when she left for korea) had a car accident in the philippines and he had no money left to pay for the hospital, she paid it in full .even though she was  in korea , she even asked if he needs anything else (this was from the ex boyfriend’s interview on a local online news)
  • she dosent reveal much durami( her youngest sister)  to the public because she wants durami to have a peaceful and quiet life unlike hers and graduate with a professional job in the office unlike thunder and dara
  • image

  • image

    L-R: Durami, thunder and her mother
  • she never forgets where she comes from, even up until now, even if her country is not the philipines she calls it home.
  • she said to her fans not to buy her expensive gifts( note: her fans are proabably the richest in 2ne1, they make lots of projects and send dara literally large boxes of gifts and has the most websites of all 2ne1) she said that she dosent want them to loose their money because of her and just give her simple stickers and she would appreciate that.
  • she once heard that there was a daraling meeting at a korean restaurant, she called her manager and treated them the food for the restaurant (although she did not come)
  • she knows she recieves alot of hate from people because she lacks talent, she says she will work hard and that her fans wait hopefully promising she will be better at dancing and singing

and many more i too tired to write them all but this is the tip of her past life. people think her life is so happy and cute, but it not, she literally climbed her way to reach where she is now. So due to all those people who complain why dara is so loved, then maybe because of this. Talent is nothing without a heart. people should remember that. 



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[Download Link] GD’s 1st Mini Album


  1. One of a Kind
  2. Crayon
  3. 결국
  4. 그XX
  5. Missing You
  6. Today

*Note: Don’t expect me to upload them again when mediafire blocks the links.

Happy 25th Birthday to Kwon Jiyong a.k.a. GDragon Oppa~ ~ !!! ^^ Saranghae!!

Happy 25th Birthday to Kwon Jiyong a.k.a. GDragon Oppa~ ~ !!! ^^ Saranghae!!

GIF of the 7 YG trainees: Correct me if I’m wrong。

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If you’re a K-pop fan on Tumblr, reblog this.

Just some of the colours G-Dragon has sported for promoting ‘Alive’.

C’mon! Where’s the purple seaweed?!

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